For mice and rats

Multiple traps are designed to catch multiple mice within one trap. These types of traps are time and cost efficient.

Tin Cat Clear Top and Tin Cat Solid Tops

For mice, small insects, and rats
Flying Squirrel


Tin Cat Mouse Trap Model 308. Dimensions: 10.25" x 6.25" x 1.75" This galvanized repeating mousetrap can be used around food, water, children, and pets. Low profile goes where other wind up traps can't fit. Patented escape proof mechanism, made in the USA.
Clear Tops Not to be put in direct sunlight.

Tin Cat Mouse Trap is the only repeating mouse trap offered that has a patented escape proof mechanism. It is a slightly higer price than other multiple repeating mouse traps made of galvanized steel, but many find it is worth it. Made in the USA.

The Tin Cat Mouse Trap Model 308 is safe to use; it doesn't require bait, poison, or resetting. The Victor Tin Cat Repeating Mouse Trap has a hinged lid that allows for easy release and clean up. It won't rust so it's ideal for damp environments. The multi-viewing clear top allows for fast inspection.

The Tin Cat Mouse Trap is designed to catch and hold up to 30 mice at one time, which may then be released unharmed in a new location used as a humane mouse trap.

If you prefer the handy Tin Cat glue boards designed to fit inside them, it will act as a covered glue trap.

The Tin Cat Mouse Trap can be used around food, water, children, and pets. Place the Victor tin cat mouse trap lengthwise against a wall with the entrance holes nearest the wall. No bait is required, but peanut butter or vanilla extract may increase catch.

Protecta Pest Monitor

For MIce
Flying Squirrel


PROTECTA Pest Monitor is a reusable, plastic monitoring box used with Protecta MC Glue Trap to monitor and capture for both mice and insects.

Place Protecta Pest Monitor wherever insects and mice travel : indoors under pallets and shelves, inside cupboards and along walls; or outdoors along the perimeter of buildings. Just place the glue trap in Pest Monitor's base, using the clips to hold the glue trap firmly in place. Insects can access Protecta Pest Monitor from holes on all four sides. Mice enter through the two larger holes that are adjacent to the wall. To prevent mice from accessing the monitor, simply rotate Pest Monitor's top, covering the two larger holes. Mounting holes on the bottom of PROTECTA Pest Monitor makes servicing easy when the Monitor is secured. Pest Monitor opens with Bell's unique 2-prong PROTECTA key. With its low profile, PROTECTA Pest Monitor fits under objects or can be used on its side in a narrow opening. It is ideal to use inside and outside homes, in food processing plants and in restaurants, hospitials, schools, and warehouses

Protecta MC(Trapper) Multiple-Catch Trap

for Mice
protecta mc


Measures: 6" length x 7.5" width x 3.5" height

Protecta MC is Bell's dependable multiple-catch mouse trap that works around the clock.

Its stop wind mechanism will prevent over-winding.

Simply wind the knob and place sleek Protecta MC in areas where mice travel.

Mice enter through holes on both sides of the trap and are swept into the capture compartment.


Wind-Up Mouse Trap

For mice
jt eaton wind up trap


Catches and holds many mice. Auto stop helps to prevent over winding. Balanced trap sensitivity-catches mice of all sizes. Requires NO BAITS-NO POISONS-NO CHEMICALS. Easy slide-off lid & removable end plate. Reduce inspection and service time. Durable glavanized steel construction should provide years of usage. Use nearly everwhere* Even in FDA & USDA inspected plants.

Ideal placement of the JT Eaton's Wind-Up® Repeating Mouse Trap is on both sides of door openings and approximately every 40 feet along interior walls (mice usually do not roam more than 20 feet either side of their nest). Place these Wind Up mouse traps 1½-2 inches from a warm surface wall with either entrance hole facing the wall. In warehouses, where hiding places are more than 10 feet apart or where stock movement may bump or move the trap, place the back of the trap tight against the wall.

Provoke Mouse Attractant

For Mice
provoke mouse


Developed by Bell scientists, proven in formulating rodenticides with the highest bait acceptance, Provoke Mouse Attractant is the first and only attractant formulated specifically for mice. It is a food-based matrix targeted specifically to the feeding preferences of mice. Works very well with the Mini T-Rex Snap Trap.

In a recent field study where several cases of mouse traps were placed – half with Provoke Mouse Attractant and half with peanut butter-- 29 mice were caught within the first hour by traps using Provoke, while only 3 mice were caught by the peanut butter traps

Simply place a small amount of Provoke Mouse Attractant on the your snap trap or mouse multi-catch trap or glue board.

This non-toxic and hypo-allergenic attractant works well in schools, food production plants and other accounts where attractants, such as peanut butter, are prohibited

Click Here to see Provoke Mouse Attractant/Mini T Rex Mouse Traps Video by Bell Labs



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