For moles, pigeons, and sparrows


Pigeon/Quail Trap

For Pigeons, Quail
pigeon quail trap


36" x 18" x 8'', 16 gauge 1" x 1" galvanized welded wire, no frame, one funnel entrance, door on top cast.

4 The Birds - Bird Repellent

For Pigeons, Starling, and House Sparrows
4 birds


4 The Birds may be used to repel pigeons, starling, and house sparrows from buildings and adjacent stuctures.

4 The Birds Repellent is transparent.

4 The Birds Bird Repellent is harmless to metal structures, sealed masonry and ornamental metals, it can protect your property from messy bird deposits for a full year or longer with one thorough application.

4 The Birds Bird Repellent works in any weather, indoors or outdoors, literally anywhere: on water tanks, trees, shrubbery, shipping docks and railroad sidings, yards, parking lots, etc.

With one application of 4 The Birds Bird Repellent you'll drive off the birds that are infesting your premises now and prevent new birds from taking over.

For best results drop a cartridge of 4 The Birds Bird Repellent in a standard 10" caulking gun and apply to ledges, windowsills, gutters, cornices, ornamental copings and protruding beams-any surface where birds roost or perch.

Active Ingredients:

Polybutene 93%
Other 7%
Total 100%

Talprid Mole Bait

For Moles
talpirid mole bait


One Talprid mole bait worm contains a lethal dose and can kill in 24 hours. One box of Talpirid contains 20 worms, enough for two typical treatments (sufficient bait to kill several moles).Talpirid mole bait is designed, developed and scientifically proven for mole control.Talpirid Mole Bait has a unique size, shape and feel that mimic a mole's natural food source, the earthworm.Its active ingredient capitalizes on a mole's physiology. Talpirid Mole Bait achieved outstanding acceptance and control in field and lab tests

Not for sale in NC. AK., HI.

All mole baits need to be applied in the main underground runway or subsurface feeding tunnels. Don't use bait above ground. Use gloves when handling baits.

Bell Laboratories, Inc., introduces Talpirid, the first and only mole bait designed, developed, and scientifically proven to kill moles. In developing TALPIRID, Bell scientists studied hundreds of moles, meticulously gathering new and reliable information on the mole's unique biology and behavioral traits, such as activity level, breeding, and food preferences. As a result of this research, TALPIRID is now the ONLY product submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with "laboratory efficacy tests" on moles.

Teams of researchers tested the bait's performance in field trials throughout the United States, examining its effectiveness on various moles species, different soil types and baiting conditions.

Talpirid proved to be the most preferred food source for moles after earthworms. In fact, Talparid so closely mimics the mole's natural food that mole's respond to the bait in the same way as an earthworm, thus gaining its reputation as "the bottom line in mole control."


Talprid Mole Trap

For moles
talpirid mole trap


Lawn damage caused by moles plagues homeowners and lawn care specialists alike. Seldom seen as they tirelessly tunnel underground, moles leave their telltale marks aboveground as unsightly "mole hills", mounds of soil, or grassless brown streaks.

To address this problem, Bell Laboratories introduces its new TALPIRID Mole Trap, a heavy-duty, dual-spring trap designed for use by the professional pest control market. TALPIRID Mole Trap offers professionals speed and safety in servicing mole accounts. This specially designed "hands-free" mole trap is fast and easy to place and set.

After identifying and properly preparing an active mole tunnel, simply place the trap jaws in the active mole tunnel and step on the trap's yellow foot pedal which sets the trigger below the surface. Once set, the low-profile TALPIRID Mole Trap sits close to the ground - no bulky metal or equipment sticking out of the ground. The trap's dual springs ensure maximum catching power. When a mole encounters the underground trigger, the yellow pedal springs up making notification of capture easy and safe.

Captured moles are released by removing the trap from the ground and compressing the pedal by hand. Using the safety release button, the trap can be easily and safely disengaged and relocated to other mole tunnels, depending on mole pressure. TALPIRID Mole Trap can be used over and over again.

Made of glass-filled nylon, TALPIRID Mole Trap will not rust and can be used in all types of soil.

Giant Destroyer Smoke Bombs

for gophers, moles, woodchucks, rats, skunks, and Ground squirrels
giant destroyer


Kills Gophers, Moles, Woodchucks, Rats, Skunks, and Ground Squirrels Use only inside of burrows, never inside of buildings. Please click here to read precautionary measures and how to use for specific animals.

Active Ingredients:
Sodium Nitrate.....46.2%
Charcoal............ 8.7%
Other Ingredients...10.3%



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