For mice and rats

For Mice:
Mini T-Rex Mouse Snap Traps, Victor Mouse Snap Traps, Provoke Mouse Attractant,

For Rats:
T-Rex Rat Snap Traps, Victor Holdfast Rat Snap Traps

Mini T-Rex Mouse Snap Traps

For mice
mini rex


Mini T Rex Mouse Snap Trap is a spring-loaded trap that's easy and safe to use. It is much safer than the standard spring loaded snap traps. A state-of-the-art mechanical trap, it sets with one hand in one easy motion -- as easy as opening a clothespin.

Besides greater killing power, the Mini T Rex Snap Trap also features an integrated bait cup that holds either bait or attractants, such as Provoke Mouse Attractant .Completely re-engineered with increased power, Mini T Rex Snap Mouse Trap eliminates false triggers, whether used alone or placed in a bait station. The Mini T Rex's patented interlocking teeth capture and hold mice entering from either the front or side of the trap. With Mini T Rex's no touch disposal, getting rid of the captured mouse is clean and sanitary. And, the sturdy plastic trap is ready to use again and again.

Use Mini T Rex Snap Trap alone or in pairs with the opening toward the wall.

Mice enter from either the front or sides. Place the trap along walls where mice travel, in cupboards or whereever mice are present.

Disposal is also easy. Simply pinch the two ends together to release the mouse and the trap is automatically reset to be used over and over again.

Victor Mouse Snap Trap

For mice, small insects, and rats
victor mouse trap


Victor Mouse Trap M 235 is the classic mouse trap. This design features a wooden base, with a very strong metal spring which quickly swipes the bar down onto the mouse once the trap is sprung. The M325 features a wider plastic trigger, making activation quicker then on the traditional narrow metal trigger. Victor mouse traps with the expanded plastic trigger work much better and are more sensitive than the metal triggers.

Recommended baits would be a nut butter like peanut butter or the provoke mouse atttractant. Mice also like seeds.

It is very important to use plenty of traps. As many as six traps for only one or two mice is appropriate. In a commercial building or restaurant as much as a couple of dozen are needed. The traps should be placed in darkened corners, along walls, behind appliances and any areas where droppings have been sighted.

In trapping for mice, place snap traps about 10 feet apart since they don't travel very far. If the mice population is large, place the traps about 6 feet apart.

Provoke Mouse Attractant

For Mice


Developed by Bell scientists, proven in formulating rodenticides with the highest bait acceptance, Provoke Mouse Attractant is the first and only attractant formulated specifically for mice. It is a food-based matrix targeted specifically to the feeding preferences of mice. Works very well with the Mini T-Rex Snap Trap.

In a recent field study where several cases of mouse traps were placed – half with Provoke Mouse Attractant and half with peanut butter-- 29 mice were caught within the first hour by traps using Provoke, while only 3 mice were caught by the peanut butter traps

Simply place a small amount of Provoke Mouse Attractant on the your snap trap or mouse multi-catch trap or glue board traps.

This non-toxic and hypo-allergenic attractant works well in schools, food production plants and other accounts where attractants, such as peanut butter, are prohibited

Click Here to see Provoke Mouse Attractant/Mini T Rex Mouse Traps Video by Bell Labs


Trapper T-Rex Snap Traps

trapper t rex


The trap is a perfect combination of trigger sensitivity and trap velocity -- speed and responsiveness ensure capture.

Extensive field and laboratory testing fine-tuned Trapper T-REX to optimum specifications. Safer and easier to use than the normal snap traps, Trapper T-REX can be readily set by foot safely on the ground. Press the trap open like a pedal, keeping fingers free and safe. Included is a removable bait cup that inserts from the bottom of Trapper T-REX. The cup can be withdrawn and re-inserted without the trap being set, which greatly enhances safety and ease of use. You can use Trapper T-REX along a rat pathway or you can insert it in a tamper-resistant bait station to keep it out of reach of children.

T-REX easily fits inside the: Protecta Tamper Proof Bait Stations

Victor Holdfast Rat Snap Trap

for Rats
victor holdfast rat trap


These expanded, plastic triggers on the mice or rat snap trap is a lot more sensitive than the normal metal trigger style.

Place traps on a hard surface, perpendicular to a wall so that the trigger end is toward the wall.

Traps should be set in areas where there is high activity such as fresh droppings, gnawings, rub marks, burrows, or urine stains.

When trapping, whether you use glue traps, snap traps or live traps, the key is to be persistent and aggressive with the trapping. You may need more traps than you think is warranted .



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